Who Needs a Pencil?


As a middle school teacher, I feel like I ask this question a million and one times a day. I am always giving out pencils, or rather my students are buying them with their classroom cash (more on that in a later post). This week the deals seem to be all about pencils and I can’t seem to get enough. I am going to focus on the deals from OfficeMax/Office Depot, Walgreens, and Staples. I am still upset that we don’t have a Staples anymore, but I have a wonderful friend who lives there and offered to get stuff for me this week! Make sure you always check the ad before going because there is always great stuff that I didn’t need.

First up, OfficeMax/Office Depot. This week they have a 12-pack of pencils for $0.50! Unfortunately, the limit is 3 (I’m on my third trip of the week). They also have pencil sharpeners for $0.25 (limit 3). That’s all I got from there this week, but they have a lot more on sale. I spent a whopping $2.44 with tax. Here is the quick run down:

  • 3 – 12 packs of pencils $0.50 each/$1.50 total ($1.79 each/$5.37 total)
  • 3 – pencil sharpeners $0.25 each/$0.75 total ($1.00 each/$3.00 total)

Also at OfficeMax/Office Depot this week they have the following deals:

  • 4 oz. of school glue $0.25 – limit 3
  • ruler $0.25 – limit 3
  • scissors $0.50 – limit 3
  • SwissGear backpacks $10.00 – limit 3 (I bought one of these last year for myself and they are very nice and last)
  • 10 pack of paper folders $1.00

Now up, Staples! There are great deals here this week in my opinion and I am so glad I have someone to pick them up for me. To me, it would have been worth the 40 minute drive. There are other items on sale this week, these are just the ones that I am getting.

  • Crayola Markers (10 pack) $0.97 each – limit 30 (yes 30, 3-0)
  • Crayola colored pencils (12 pack) $0.97 each – limit 30
  • 6 pack mechanical pencils $0.97 each – no limit
  • 24 pack pencils $0.97 each – limit 5
  • 4 pack glue sticks $0.97 each – no limit

A surprising place that I found some great deals this week is Walgreens. Walgreens is where it is at this week! I snagged some awesome deals(nothing has a limit … I don’t think they know the kind of back to school shopping I can do). I spent a total $30.35, but I got so much stuff! Here is what I got:

  • 3 – 20 packs of pencils $0.99 each/$4.95 total ($4.49 each/$22.45 total)
  • 12 – highlighters 6 for $1.00/$2.00 ($1.00 each/$12.00 total)
  • 6 – plastic pencil boxes $0.69 each/$4.14 total ($1.79 each/$10.74 total)
  • 14 – 4 pack dry erase markers $0.99 each/$13.86 ($2.89 each/$40.46 total)
  • 4 – 3×5 index cards 100 ct. $0.29 each/$1.16 each ($1.49 each/$5.96)
  • 12 – mini memo pads (kids love getting these as a reward … this always seems kind of weird to me, but whatever floats their boats) 6 for $1.00/$2.00 ($1.00 each/$12.00 total)

They also had erasers on sale.

  • 2 ct. pink erasers 6/$1.00
  • 15 ct. pencil top erasers 6/$1.00 … I wanted these but my Walgreens was out!

So, that’s it for this week. Is that enough pencils for you? If you’re anything like me, you can never have enough pencils, or colored pencils, or mechanical pencils.

Just like last week, here are the links to the ads mentioned in this weeks post. Again, this is not an endorsement for the companies and I am not being paid to publish this article. I am simply doing it because the deals are too good not to share with everyone.

Office Depot/OfficeMax Ad

Staples Ad

Walgreens Ad


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