Save Big Money at M……. you can finish the song right?


This week is my favorite sale! I discovered it last year by complete and total accident and I have been waiting all summer for it to come around (hopefully they still have what I want when I get back from vacation on Friday)! The best deals (in my opinion) are at Menards this week. That’s right … Menards. Now, I am writing this weeks post more as a wishlist since I am on vacation, but I wanted to share the deals with everyone anyway (I am going to try to convince my husband to go for me).

**The materials I have highlighted in blue are the ones that are on my shopping list and what I believe are the EXCELLENT deals!**

FREE (with mail in rebate, which if you are anything like my husband and I, we are always at Menards getting something so it’s worth it).

  • 70 page notebook (college and wide rule)
  • 10 pack pens (blue and black)


  • thumbtacks – 200 ct.
  • push pins – 100 ct.
  • flexible ruler
  • 5″ scissors
  • pencil cap erasers – 40 ct.
  • glue sticks – 3 ct.
  • crayons – 24 ct.
  • small pencil case
  • paper folders
  • index cards – 100 ct.
  • staple remover


  • correction tape/pen
  • pencils – 10 ct.
  • mechanical pencils – 8 ct.
  • highlighters – 4 pack
  • retractable pens – 3 ct.
  • 7″ scissors
  • compass & protractor
  • stretchable book covers
  • black regular size dry erase markers – 3 ct.
  • glue
  • jumbo paper clips – 100 ct.
  • pencil sharpeners
  • plastic pencil box
  • mesh pencil pouch
  • plastic folders
  • mini stapler
  • binder clips – 12 ct.
  • vinyl report covers – 3 ct.
  • manilla folders – 12 ct.
  • regular size permanent markers – 4 ct.
  • watercolors
  • 5-tab dividers
  • sheet protectors – 10 ct.


  • markers – 8 ct.
  • composition notebook
  • 3 subject notebook
  • loose leaf paper 150 sheets (wide rule and college rule)
  • mechanical pencil refills (lead and erasers)
  • plastic folder with prongs
  • big dry erase markers – 2 ct.
  • big highlighters – 3 ct.
  • big permanent marker – 3 ct.
  • 1″ binders
  • calculators
  • colored pencils – 12 ct.

Walgreens – There are a few deals there this week that I think are pretty good, but in my opinion … not as good as last week.


  • folders
  • fashion pencils
  • mini highlighters


  • 8 ct. pencils
  • 5″ scissors


  • Crayola crayons – 24 pack
  • elmers glue


  • Crayola products (there may be other items, but these were pictured in the ad)
    • colored pencils
    • watercolors

Office Depot/OfficeMax


  • folders  … limit 10


  • composition notebooks … limit 3
  • 2 pack erasers … limit 3


  • 10 pack pens (blue, black, red) … limit 3


  • 12 pack pencils … limit 3
  • 6 pack mechanical pencils … limit 3
  • plastic cover notebooks … limit 3

Staples … again good deals (I’m still mad our Staples is gone!)


  • notebooks (college and wide rule) … limit 30


  • 12 pack cap erasers … limit 5
  • 2 pack pink erasers … limit 5
  • index cards (100) … limit 5
  • glue
  • pencil sharpeners … limit 5
  • filler paper (120 sheets) … limit 5


  • 5 pack mechanical pencils


  • 5 pack Sharpies (all black and multi packs)

Again, I do not get paid to endorse any of these companies! I just love sharing my deals! Here are the links.


Office Depot/OfficeMax




Who Needs a Pencil?


As a middle school teacher, I feel like I ask this question a million and one times a day. I am always giving out pencils, or rather my students are buying them with their classroom cash (more on that in a later post). This week the deals seem to be all about pencils and I can’t seem to get enough. I am going to focus on the deals from OfficeMax/Office Depot, Walgreens, and Staples. I am still upset that we don’t have a Staples anymore, but I have a wonderful friend who lives there and offered to get stuff for me this week! Make sure you always check the ad before going because there is always great stuff that I didn’t need.

First up, OfficeMax/Office Depot. This week they have a 12-pack of pencils for $0.50! Unfortunately, the limit is 3 (I’m on my third trip of the week). They also have pencil sharpeners for $0.25 (limit 3). That’s all I got from there this week, but they have a lot more on sale. I spent a whopping $2.44 with tax. Here is the quick run down:

  • 3 – 12 packs of pencils $0.50 each/$1.50 total ($1.79 each/$5.37 total)
  • 3 – pencil sharpeners $0.25 each/$0.75 total ($1.00 each/$3.00 total)

Also at OfficeMax/Office Depot this week they have the following deals:

  • 4 oz. of school glue $0.25 – limit 3
  • ruler $0.25 – limit 3
  • scissors $0.50 – limit 3
  • SwissGear backpacks $10.00 – limit 3 (I bought one of these last year for myself and they are very nice and last)
  • 10 pack of paper folders $1.00

Now up, Staples! There are great deals here this week in my opinion and I am so glad I have someone to pick them up for me. To me, it would have been worth the 40 minute drive. There are other items on sale this week, these are just the ones that I am getting.

  • Crayola Markers (10 pack) $0.97 each – limit 30 (yes 30, 3-0)
  • Crayola colored pencils (12 pack) $0.97 each – limit 30
  • 6 pack mechanical pencils $0.97 each – no limit
  • 24 pack pencils $0.97 each – limit 5
  • 4 pack glue sticks $0.97 each – no limit

A surprising place that I found some great deals this week is Walgreens. Walgreens is where it is at this week! I snagged some awesome deals(nothing has a limit … I don’t think they know the kind of back to school shopping I can do). I spent a total $30.35, but I got so much stuff! Here is what I got:

  • 3 – 20 packs of pencils $0.99 each/$4.95 total ($4.49 each/$22.45 total)
  • 12 – highlighters 6 for $1.00/$2.00 ($1.00 each/$12.00 total)
  • 6 – plastic pencil boxes $0.69 each/$4.14 total ($1.79 each/$10.74 total)
  • 14 – 4 pack dry erase markers $0.99 each/$13.86 ($2.89 each/$40.46 total)
  • 4 – 3×5 index cards 100 ct. $0.29 each/$1.16 each ($1.49 each/$5.96)
  • 12 – mini memo pads (kids love getting these as a reward … this always seems kind of weird to me, but whatever floats their boats) 6 for $1.00/$2.00 ($1.00 each/$12.00 total)

They also had erasers on sale.

  • 2 ct. pink erasers 6/$1.00
  • 15 ct. pencil top erasers 6/$1.00 … I wanted these but my Walgreens was out!

So, that’s it for this week. Is that enough pencils for you? If you’re anything like me, you can never have enough pencils, or colored pencils, or mechanical pencils.

Just like last week, here are the links to the ads mentioned in this weeks post. Again, this is not an endorsement for the companies and I am not being paid to publish this article. I am simply doing it because the deals are too good not to share with everyone.

Office Depot/OfficeMax Ad

Staples Ad

Walgreens Ad

My #1 School Obsession … School Supply Shopping!


For those of you who don’t know, I am slightly very obsessed with school supply shopping. As a kid, it was always my favorite time of the school year. I didn’t know that once I became a teacher, I was going to be able to take this obsession to a new level (I think was secretly a reason I became a teacher). Over the last few years, I (along with my amazing mom) have perfected the art of back to school, school supply shopping.

In July, we start stalking the ads of our “go to places” (OfficeMax/Office Depot & Staples). We have also come up with a system to get the most bang for our buck. Most of the deal require you to spend a minimum of $5 in order to get the great deals. There are always bigger supplies that I need for my classroom that are more expensive. I use those items to get me to my $5 minimum purchase. My mom still has to buy supplies for my sister who is in high school, so she uses those supplies to get her to the $5 minimum and then gets the great deals for me (I told she was amazing).

Well … this week the amazing deals started and I was stoked! I called my mom right away and begged her to go with me that afternoon. Unfortunately, the Staples here closed since last summer, so I am limited to shopping at just OfficeMax & Office Depot (there is a Staples about 35 minutes away, and I am tempted to go a few times … is that crazy?). Each week, I will post a review of the deals I found for the week and how you can get them.

So, the deals for the week are only from OfficeMax/Office Depot (they always have the same deal/ads). I want to start off my telling you how much I spent with tax and then I will give you a detailed list of what I bought (there is also a picture at the top of the post).

I spent a total of $6.35. That’s right … only $6.35!

Here is the detailed list of what I got … next to each item is how much I spent and in parentheses is the original price.

  • 10 – 2 pocket folders (with or without prongs) $0.01 each/$0.10 total ($0.15/$1.50 total)
  • 3 – 7″ scissors (bigger scissors for middle school hands) $1.00 each/$3.00 total ($5.00 each/$15.00 total)
  • 3 – 12 packs of pencil top erasers $0.25 each/$0.75 total ($1.00 each/$3.00 total)
  • 3 – 5 packs of BIC highlighters $0.50 each/$1.50 total ($3.29 each/$9.87 total)
  • 3 – colored Sharpies $0.50 each/$1.50 total ($2.49 each/$7.47 total)

My biggest suggestion when you are shopping the deals like this is to make sure you read the fine print with the deals. Most times there is a limit on how many you can purchase (this week it seemed like the limit was always 3). Some also have a minimum purchase of $5.00 (this week the folders were the only item with this stipulation). In addition to the items I purchased, there were also notecards for $0.50 (limit 3), notebook 3 hole punches $1.00 (limit 3), mini staplers $1.00 (limit 3), and rulers $0.25 (limit 3).

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! I would be more than happy to help. Come back next week for round 2 of back to school savings!

Here is the link to the Office Depot/Office Max ad for this week. This is not an endorsement for the companies and I am not being paid to publish this article. I am simply doing because the deals are too good not to share with everyone.

Office Depot/Office Max Ad